Time for Winter Break!

Today, CJDS celebrated the last day of school in 2015 with pajamas, hot chocolate, and movies! We also saw the presentation of the First in Math trophies for the students who earned the most points for the first trimester. What a fun day!



This week the students learned how to use headings to quickly find information in articles. We also discussed the difference between articles and stories. After winter break, the students will read a realistic fiction story titled The Ugly Vegetables and work on drawing conclusions and analyzing text. The students will also work on capitalizing proper nouns like the names of people, months, cities, states, addresses, and specific places.


This week we reviewed how to spell words that contain the long “u” and long “i” sounds. Our next lesson will cover consonant digraphs like “ch” and “th.” A digraph is when two letters come together to make one sound.


As we move through our writing unit on organization, the students wrote winter stories that had engaging beginnings and endings that wrapped everything up with feelings. We shared our winter stories today!


The students are almost done with their fourth unit in math. They are currently working on different strategies for estimating and adding two digit numbers. Our next unit is on geometry! This unit will cover the names of 2D and 3D shapes like pentagons, octagons, spheres, cones, rectangular prisms, and more. The students will learned about lines and line segments, angles, vertices, attributes, and symmetry!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, winter break! I will see you in 2016! 🙂