Travel Update!

From Chevron we traveled all the way south to visit the most amazing modern city of Eilat. Eilat is right at the southernmost tip of Israel and is on the coast of the Yam Suf (Red Sea). Eilat is called the “Florida of Israel” since it has many of the same attractions that the Floridian coast offers.

There’s the beautiful beaches, hotels, snorkeling, deep sea diving, swimming with the dolphins, etc.

But for us, the most amazing part was to visit the actual sea that Hashem split for us, the Jewish people, when we fled from Pharaoh’s armies.

To give ourselves a taste of what the Yam Suf was like, the classroom was transformed into a mini splitting of the sea, complete with walls of water full of swimming fish, fishing ponds and water games.

As part of the “virtual tour”, we walked in between the two walls of water, when we reached the other side we sang the “Az Yashir” and then we got to enjoy the coastal activities; including fishing, water games and using our smart board to review the locations of the cities we already learned about.

Enjoy the pictures!

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