Travel Update!!! Haifa!



Haifa is a large and beautiful city located on Har HaCarmel, Mount Carmel. Although today it is known for its seaport, factories, universities and famous cable cars, Har HaCarmel has a special place in Jewish history. The famous Prophet Eliyahu had a contest with 400 false priests from which he emerged victorious thanks to Hashem’s amazing miracles.

On our tour, we saw the two “Mizbichot” (altars) that were set up for the contest and we witnessed how Eliyahu’s Korban (offering) was accepted by Hashem sending down a fire to his Mizbayach! It was quite fascinating! (I poured water on the false priests’ Altar and rubbing alcohol on Eliyahu’s.) It really brought the story to life!!

In order to give us a feel for the “Rakavel” (the cable cars) we designed our very own “cable cars” using string, balloons, tape and a straw! A good time was had by all!

Hashem only accepted Eliyahu's Korban on Har HaCarmel!

Hashem only accepted Eliyahu’s Korban on Har HaCarmel!

Having fun with our homemade “Rakevel”!!!!! Enjoy!

Having fun with our homemade "Rakevel"!! CIMG5132 CIMG5133 CIMG5135 CIMG5137 CIMG5140 CIMG5141 CIMG5144 CIMG5145 CIMG5146 CIMG5147 CIMG5149 CIMG5153