Travel Update! Yam HaMelach!

Travel update:

From Be’er Sheva we traveled east to visit the Yam Hamelach (The Dead Sea). On the way we saw the destroyed city of Sedom and explored the amazing Yam Hamelach. There are those who say, that the salt and minerals surrounding the Yam Hamelach can be traced to the wife of Lot and the destruction of the wicked cities of Sedom.

The Yam Hamelach today is filled with tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy the minerals and vitamins that are found in this amazing sea. Although it’s a “dead sea” and much too salty for anything to live in this sea, it’s lots of fun to float in it without any effort, in fact you cannot sink. Another world famous attraction are the Dead Sea minerals, many people cover their bodies with the mud of the sea as a special skin treatment.

As part of the “virtual tour”, we slathered our hands and some of us dared to cover their faces with mud, we saw some hilarious you tubes of people trying to dive into the Yam Hamelach, unsuccessfully I might point out and as a “mazkeret” (souvenir), we created “delicious” salt sundaes.

Enjoy the pictures!

Unfortunately, I did not manage to capture a picture of our special guest who took time from her very busy schedule to visit us. Mrs. Reichenthal came to show us physically how salt creates a density in the water hence the floating in the Yam Hamelach. She filled up two containers with water and placed an egg in each of them; of course they both sank, but as she kept adding salt in one of the containers the egg was slowly lifted from the bottom of the container and was floating! 

It was great for the students to see this firsthand!

Thank you so much!!!!

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Preparing a "Salty Sundae"!

Preparing a “Salty Sundae”!

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Enjoying our Souvenir from Yam Hamelach! "L'Chayim"!

Enjoying our Souvenir from Yam Hamelach! “L’Chayim”!

How do you like the new look?!

How do you like the new look?!

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