Tu B’Shvat!

In honor of Tu B’shvat, the New Year for the Trees, we’ll be exploring some of the Machzorim (nature cycles) that Hashem has so carefully placed in our world, so that everything can function in an orderly way.

We started out with Machzor HaChodesh, (the monthly moon cycle), which determines all of the Jewish months and holidays!

We had a good time designing our very own cycles using sandwich cookies i.e. Orioe knockoffs, which allowed us to show quite accurately what the moon looks like on the different days of the month. Some hints we learned: the first of the month looks like the letter Resh, the 15th of the month is like the letter Samech, the 28th – 29th of the month looks like half of an Aleph!

The students are currently divided into 2 groups, each one researching their assigned Machzor to present to the other group.

Looking forward to sharing their amazing work with you!

Great teamwork and terrific results!

Great teamwork and terrific results!

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