Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat is on Monday, a no school day! We worked hard learning all about this special holiday today.  

We started off reading a book called “Dear Tree.” In this book, a little boy wishes his tree a wonderful new year full of delicious rain and nutritious sunshine.  We then made our own New Year’s card for the trees and the wishes of the children were truly sweet.

To tie in with our lessons on the fathers and mothers of the Jewish people, we have also been talking and singing about family trees.  Our Jewish family tree’s roots are our fathers and mothers whose lessons teach and direct us in our own lives.  So we illustrated a mini story about how our family is just like a tree.  I can’t wait to send these precious books home!

Wishing all a TREE-riffic Tu B’Shvat!

Our tree with its cards.

I love you tree, I hope you live as long as this!