Week 13

Hello families! We have had another busy and wonderful week (so busy I didn’t get to take pictures.) I am excited to get to brag to you about your awesome children at our conferences next Monday and Tuesday!


We are continuing to practice using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words. After Thanksgiving, the students will study text features like headings, charts, graphs, bold words, and captions. The students will learn how to use text features to help them better comprehend what they’re reading and they will hunt for text features in Time for Kids Magazine.


Our next set of vocabulary words will be bright, chew, flour, forest, hour, inn, island, nibble, pale, and warn.


The students studied words containing the short “u” sound or “y” as a vowel. Our next words will contain vowel pairs where one letter is silent, like in the words beach, pail, and road.


The class practiced writing letters to friends and family members this week. They also brainstormed new story ideas and wrote their engaging beginnings. We studied how interjections can help spice up our writing and show strong emotions. Interjections are very short sentences like: Wow! Ouch! and Oh no!


Our current math unit covers addition strategies, estimation, temperature, time, and measurement. We will continue studying these skills after Thanksgiving.

Project Based Learning- Social Studies

We had a fun week in P.B.L! We studied how a package goes from an online order to showing up at the customer’s house. Each student picked a job to act out how books get from the writer’s mind to the reader’s hands. The students had a great time learning about writing agents, editors, publishers, and publicists. They also learned about the United Postal Service and how many stops a package makes before it gets to your house! We looked at future methods of delivering goods, like drone deliveries. After Thanksgiving we will study importing and exporting goods, and how to be savvy shoppers!