Week 21

This week we welcomed two new wonderful friends to our class! We are so excited to get to know them even better!


Our week was so busy that I did not have any extra time to take pictures! 🙂


This week the students read Click Clack Moo a funny story about some cows who steal a typewriter (which I had to explain was like a computer with no internet!) We used this story to talk about characters and how their actions can tell you a lot about them. For example, the farmer in the story was easily frustrated and stubborn and we figured this out because he refused to compromise with the cows. We will continue working on identifying character traits next week when we read the fiction story, Violet’s Music. The students will also learn about different types of sentences like statements, questions, commands, and exclamations!


This week we worked our on 250 frequently used word assessment. I am excited to see how much the students’ spelling is progressing! Next week, we will continue this assessment and study words that end in “es” like dishes and lunches.


The students spent time this week sorting our vocabulary words into nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We have also begun talking about adverbs that help explain verbs and adjectives. Next week we will continue to study the words: Bright, chew, flour, forest, hour, inn, island, nibble, pale, and warn.


We our currently working on our sixth math unit which focuses on different addition and subtraction strategies. One of the most important parts of this unit is the understanding that numbers can be taken apart or put into a new order to make them easier to add! For example: 36 + 9 can be thought of as 30 + (6+9) so 30 + 15. The students are taught to use strategies like this to make the addition and subtraction as easy and efficient for them as possible. They will also be taught the traditional algorithms (or classic way we learned in school!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow!