Week 23

On Tuesday, our special guest Eldad, taught us about engines and let us experiment with the engine from a lawn mower. The students were excited to see all of the shapes they’ve studied in geometry working together to help the engine move. We had a fun time learning and getting dirty! Thank you Eldad for sharing your knowledge with us! 

Reading and Writing

The students have begun reading and writing about biographies. They are learning how to sort out the most important information on their subjects and how to write nonfiction pieces that still contain a lot of voice. The class is learning about Thomas Edison, Harriet Tubman, Taylor Swift and more! 🙂 Ask your child which person they have decided to study.

Sentence and Paragraph Editing

Each day the students learn grammar and writing mechanics by editing sentences and paragraphs. The students have taken over the roles of editor and writer and enjoy teaching their peers about the proper ways to construct sentences and paragraphs.



This week, the students learned that words ending in ch, sh, s, x, and z need an “es”  added to the end to make the word plural. They also studied adding an “s” to words that end in a vowel then a “y”, for example toys and days. Next week, they will work on dropping the “y” to add “ies.”


This week’s vocabulary words provided quite a challenge for the students and we will be reviewing tender, tense, and steer next week. Our next set of words are: Escape, honest, label, modern, object, pitch, select, sniff, stable, and steep.

Project Based Learning: Science

The students constructed an outline for their natural resources newscast this week and decided which parts of the program they would like to anchor or work behind the scenes. We began writing the scripts for the introduction, soil segment, and water segment today and we will continue to write out the entire show next week!


The students practiced measuring to the nearest inch and centimeter. We also worked on adding more than two numbers at a time and multiplying and dividing. Next week, the students will work on collecting data and finding the median (middle number), mode (most common or popular number), and the range of the numbers. We will create data tables and bar graphs.