Week 26

Project Based Learning- Science

The students finished writing their script for their project based learning presentation on natural resources. They have decided who will be the “new casters” for each segment, who will run the cameras, and where the segments will be recorded (on location or in front of a green screen.) Next week, the students will film their presentation and they are hoping it will be ready to share with the world the week of March 19-23. More information on this will come home soon!

Here the students are practicing projecting their lines clearly.


Reading and Vocabulary

The students are practicing reading and identifying different kinds of sentence: Statements, questions, commands, and exclamations. This week, they also worked on making inferences using the information in the text. We will continue to work on these skills next week and study alliteration, or when sounds are repeated at the beginnings of words close together in a text, like Paula planted petunias.  Next week’s vocabulary words will be escape, honest, label, modern, object, pitch, select, sniff, stable, and steep.


This week the students studied words that began with a silent k or w. Next week, the students will learn to spell words where the long “o” sound is spelled with an “ow” and the long “i” sound is spelled with “igh”, as in the words yellow and delight.


The students planned and wrote stories about last week’s Purim celebration. They will edit and revise these stories next week. The students are focusing on using their writing voice to make their work interesting and including so much detail that the reader feels like they were there. 


This week the students learned how to draw and identify fractions. They learned how to tell if a fraction is equivalent by drawing it out using circles or rectangles. Next week we will continue working on fractions and begin unit 9 on measurement.

Below, some of our mathematicians are collaborating to solve a math challenge!