Week 28

We are having so much fun during Adar, the month of happiness! Today, the students got to show off their wacky pre-Purim costumes! We had everything from Queen Esther to a Storm Trooper! 🙂


On Tuesday, we visited Shalom Park’s community garden. The students learned about the important jobs we will start doing to take care of the plants which provide food for members of the Jewish community who are going through hard times. We are hoping to start helping in the garden on Thursdays by weeding, watering, planting, and harvesting! 



The students completed a biography on Helen Keller this week. One of our big focuses for the rest of this year will be on looking back in the text to find support for your answers. For example, Helen Keller’s biography mentioned Alexander Graham Bell, and we had to look back after reading this text to make sure we understood who he was and how he helped the Keller family! 


The students studied words this week that contained the vowel pairs “ai” and “ea.” Next week, we will review our last 7 spelling units. 


We began new vocabulary words this week that we will continue studying next week. Our new words are: Alarm, collect, damp, insect, plant, safe, scatter, soil, team, and tool.


The students are very engaged in our fractions unit! This week we turned the classroom into an Italian Pizza Parlor and all of our chefs got to bake fractions pizzas! The students decided how they could divide their pizzas equally, which fraction of the pizza they wanted to “eat” and they learned how to find equivalent fractions based on size and shape! You can see some of our chefs hard at work below!