Week 30

As we quickly approach the end of our school year, we are still hard at work in second grade! We had a great trip to the South County Regional Library on Rea Rd. and the students received many compliments for their awesome behavior. Our library guide even took us behind the scenes to see how the books are sorted. 


The students did an awesome job on their career day outfits. We had a ballerina, a top secret agent, a teacher, a basketball star, a soccer star, a gamer, a rabbi, an artist, a pilot, an engineer, a dog trainer, and two veterinarians! 


Project Based Learning

The students are creating projects to teach their peers about force and motion. The projects cover the topics of forces, motion, pushes, pulls, gravity, and friction. The students are getting super creative by making posters, songs, and skits to teach these topics!


The students completed a biography on Helen Keller and have been working on the funny story, Officer Buckle and Gloria. The texts are getting more challenging and the students are having to reread sentences to make sure they are able to have strong comprehension. In the coming weeks, we will be studying prefixes and suffixes, abbreviations, and contractions.


The students are researching the life cycles of flowers, chickens, ants, butterflies, or frogs, and writing research reports about their findings. We are working on using all of the writing traits that we studied this year to create interesting reports. The students are creating engaging beginnings, starting their sentences in a variety of ways, and trying to choose the best words for their descriptions. 


This week, the students learned how to write a word in the past tense. Next week, the students will learn how to spell “preconsonant nasals” or words that contain an “n” before a consonant, like skunk and blonde.


Our final vocabulary units will cover the words: Admire, attach, handle, major, passenger, prepare, separate, similar, slender, and task. In the upcoming weeks, the students will create projects to review the more challenging words we have studied this year. 


We are currently working on unit 10 entitled, Decimals and Place Value. Some of the concepts we will cover in this unit are adding and subtracting numbers containing decimal points, reading numbers up into the millions, and identifying the value of a digit in a number (for example, in the number 34,567 what is the value of the 4? The value is four thousand.) The students will also review multiplication, division, area, and perimeter.