Week Nine

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We had an amazing trip to the Mecklenburg County Recycling Center! The students participated in a program presented by Mrs. Paula where they learned about what happens when you recycle something vs. throwing it away. We learned that Mecklenburg County can recycle all plastics other than number 6 (Styrofoam) and we can even recycle old pizza boxes! The students will continue to study how to be good citizens in their Project Based Learning class throughout the next few weeks.


The students are learning to visualize what they read and they have been practicing this skill by making “mental movies” of our weekly story, Teacher’s Pet, and our read aloud book, Roxie and the Hooligans. Good readers should always see the story in their heads and reread if their mental movie gets fuzzy! The students are also working on identifying singular and plural nouns as they read.


The students are reviewing how to read and spell words contain an “ee” or “ea” in the middle. These letters work together to make the long “e” sound in words like reason, season, seemed, and disappeared! This can be a tricky phonics skill to learn because the “a” in these words doesn’t make any sound. A rhyme we use to help read these words is: Two vowels go walking, the first vowel does the talking! So, when you see “ea” together you will only hear the long “e!” 

Here are some of our spellers working hard to hear the long “e” sound in their words!

img_0837 img_0838


We are continuing to work on adding details, details, and more details into our writing. This week we are writing about a person and describing them with as much detail as possible. I have read some great paragraphs about police officers, pirates, Storm Troopers, and nurses! 


As we begin Unit 3, the students are reviewing place value and working into the thousandths place. This means that in a number like 2,306 the students should be able to explain that there are 2 thousands, 3 hundreds, no tens, and 6 ones. We are also working on paying for items using different combinations of dollars and coins, and making change for things that we have bought.