We’ve reached 100 days in school!

What a busy and fun week we’ve had!! On Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school! Many of us dressed up as if we were 100 years old. I used an app called Age Booth to take pictures of the kids. The app transforms their faces and adds wrinkles and grey hair. They definitely look good for being “100 years old”. We didn’t different activities such as building structures using 100 Legos, estimated how many different exercises we could do in 100 seconds, visited kindergarten and read them our “Words of Wisdom” and wrote about what we would be like when we are 100. The bulletin board outside of our room is now dedicated to our 100th day. Come take a look when you get a chance. 

We also celebrated Isaac’s Hebrew birthday and Harel’s English birthday this week. Mazel Tov, Boys!!

In my math group we are learning about fractions and making change. The students practiced finding fractional parts of a group and also played “Snack Shop” where they practiced being a cashier and giving change to their customers. 


I also took a video of the class doing Tefilah! I loved watching them say their prayers. They do such a nice job!

I also joined them for PE this week and took some pictures of their kickball game! Lots of pictures this week. Enjoy! 🙂


Next week we will be reading another folktale Little Rabbit’s Tale. They will think about what makes a story funny. They will practice this in writing by coming up with a personal narrative that was funny. We will practice using different words to help express our thoughts. Word choice can be difficult for young writers so this lesson will be very beneficial. 🙂