What a Busy Week!

We had a very busy and exciting week! After our first trip to the South County Regional Library and visits to the CJDS Book Fair, we are very excited about books and reading!

Our First Library Trip
At the library the students learned about how the library is organized and where to find book on the shelves. Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Tree taught us that most books are organized on the shelves by the author’s last name, but biographies are organized by the last name of the main topic. We looked on the biography shelves for famous people that interested us. Group A and Group B had different experiences on their trips- Group A got to hunt for books on the library’s computer system and Group B got a behind the scenes tour! We are looking forward to visiting again and I will make sure everyone has their library pin numbers so they can check out books.

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Next Monday and Tuesday we will continue reviewing the reading strategies and skills we started this week. Then on Wednesday, we will begin our new reading lesson by reading the story Teacher’s Pets. The students will practice the reading strategy of identifying story structure by hunting for the beginning, middle, and ends of the stories they read. This skill can be practiced in picture and chapter books. We will also work on visualizing, or making movies in our heads, as we read. Next week’s vocabulary words are: share, noticed, suddenly, bursting, noises, wonderful, quiet, and sprinkled. 

Here are some of the students working in my small guided reading groups this week:

photo 3 (5) photo 5 photo 4  photo 3 photo 2

Today, the students selected their first reading response to be graded. I will be evaluating the work this weekend and then walking the students through the process of using a rubric to reflect on their work on Monday. Here are our reading notebooks with our selected reading responses:

photo 4 (5)

This week we began Unit 3 of our math studies which covers place value, money, and time. The students played games to practice their place value skills. Below you can see how we used our marker boards to group hundreds, tens, and ones. We also practiced buying things with coins. This is a great skill to work on whenever you’re at the grocery store! Next week this unit will continue with lessons on time and exploring data.

photo 3 (2) photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (2)

Here are some fun place value games we explored in class:

Fruit Shoot

Math Man

Scooter Quest

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to get some rest. Next week is a FIVE DAY SCHOOL WEEK! 🙂