What a week!

Our first full week was a success! We finished reading Freckle Juice and then kids wrote their own recipe for Freckle Smoothies, Freckle cookies, Freckle Matzo, and more. While writing the silly recipes, I was able to sneak in both math and ELA, discussing measurement and the use of transition words. Kids were also introduced to cursive writing! Some kids are ready to tackle the new handwriting while others are skeptical- but once we learn a few letters, I’m sure all kids will enjoy! On Thursdays during morning meeting, five kids are chosen to share something with the class (an accomplishment, something they’re proud of, or family news). Jordan was lucky enough to have her grandma in town and she was Jordan’s guest for morning meeting share time! Adlai showed us his impressive green pottery vase that me made for his mom! Daniel proudly brought in his metal for fencing! I love learning about the kids and their interests outside of school. Each and every child is so special and unique.

The kids won last week in ‘Beat the Teacher’ and were rewarded with 15 minutes of recess on Friday! Let’s see if I can win this week….. (I secretly hope to lose every week- if the kids are winning, that means they’re making good decisions and transitioning quickly!).

Thank you for all your support at home!

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