What is in My Child’s Backpack? Pesach!

Your children are bringing home some exciting Pesach supplies today!  Here is what you will find:

  • A Haggadah, complete with the Pesach story, the tools to do a Chametz hunt, and a detailed guide to the seder in rhyme, all decorated and put together by your child.
  • A four question “cheat sheet.”  The Mah Nishtana can be tricky as all the questions start the same way, so this is for you to assist your child in case he or she gets stuck.
  • A parent – teacher communication note that is different then usual.  Instead of me reporting your child’s progress to you, I would like you to report to me.  Please send me a note or an email on how your child did at the seder and/or how they asked the four questions.  I have prizes for all students who bring me back notes or emails when we go back to school in April.   

Thank you so much for all your support!