What is in My Child’s Backpack? Pesach!

I think I can say with confidence that the kindergarten students are ready for Pesach!  If you do not feel as ready as your child, no worries!  The kindergartners are fully prepared to run the seder.  

Here is what they are bringing home:

  • A Hagadah that we made as we learned each step of the seder.  
  • A Mah Nishtana cheat-sheet.  Since all the questions start the same way, it can get confusing.  I’d recommend parents use the sheet to prompt your child in case they get stuck.
  • A report.  Nope, not a parent-teacher communication note where I tell you how your child is doing.  This time I am asking you to please report to me how your child enjoyed the seder. 

Here are some pictures of us learning all about the Seder:

Does the Charoset really look like bricks?

Now its time for Maror, you know, the bitter stuff!

Our “nutritious” kosher for Pesach dinner.

At last the tasty moment, we’ve waited for so long…

Shulchan Orech means the table is set. I hope your appetite is strong.

A special cup we fill up…

Welcome Eliyahu Hanavi!

Next Year In Yerushalayim!