What is in my Child’s Backpack? Purim!

Hello Parents,

Here is what your children have or will come home with.

  • A megillah illustrated and written or dictatated by your kindergartner
  • 2 “Oznei Haman” (Hamantaschen) your child made with their 5th grade buddy
  • A Mishloach Manot box to give to a friend or family member ON Purim
  • A set of puppets to tell the Purim story
  • A puppet theater stuffed with treats that your child’s 5th grade buddy made for them
  • A Purim checklist.  There are four mitzvot of Purim, the checklist is to help your child fulfill these mitzvot on Saturday night or Sunday since we won’t be in school for Purim 🙁 . Each child who brings the completed checklist back to school will receive a treat.

Now just in case you are worried that the 5th graders are spoiling your child.  Here is what we made for THEM.



Wishing you a very happy Purim!