What is in my Child’s Backpack? Rosh Hashana!

I like to accompany each Jewish holiday with a post about what your children are bringing home.  As a mom, I know what it is like to deal with the dreaded backpack after a long day.  I’m lucky if the lunch box gets emptied and the icepack makes it back in the freezer in time for the next day.  I cannot tell you how many Shabbat challahs, Purim graggers, and Chanukah Menorahs languished in their backpack prison and were only found AFTER the holiday.  

So I love giving parents a heads up of what to expect. 

The problem is that this time your children are coming home with a special gift for YOU and the entire family, so I can’t very well spill the beans.

The placemat project though is unclassified and I am free to tell you all about that.  Your children are bringing home a placemat depicting four of the special foods that are traditionally served on Rosh Hashana.  Each has a special reason which we reviewed, read and sang about.  Ask your child to name the foods.  They may do so in English but possibly in Hebrew.  Ask your child why we are eating these foods.  They may know the answer to one food but possibly all four!  

I hope these special items enhance your Rosh Hashana celebration and wishing each of you a Shana Tova!