What was in the Judaica Folders?

Hello Parents,

Judaica folders came home yesterday.  Here is some of what you can expect to find:

  • Aleph Bet work.
  • Center tracker sheets.
  • Listening center feedback sheets. This is new for us.  When the students go to the listening center, they fill out a sheet with the title of the book.  They then decide how they liked the book, and draw a picture of their favorite part.
  • A puppet that depicts the good twin Yaakov, on one side, and the not-so-good twin, Eisav, on the other side.
  • A siddur that we made, reminding us how Yaakov prayed to Hashem to save him from Eisav.
  • A Parent Teacher communication note.

Thank you for returning the empty folder and the signed note.

Morah Rochel