What’s in my Child’s Backpack? End of the Year :(

Here are some things you can expect your child to bring home today:

  • Their completed Milon or dictionary that they worked so hard on all year.  Please encourage your child to look through this special project later on in the summer so they can review the Alef Bet.
  • The picture frame your child decorated at the Alef Bet party.  If you would like the e-versions of these pictures, please email me.
  • A small gift from me that can help your child review over the summer.
  • Last minute Alef Bet work.

We spent our last precious days learning about the holiday of Shavuot and how Hashem gave us the precious gift of the Torah.  Unfortunately, time did not allow for any sort of art project, but the children did learn how they are the heroes of this holiday as they were chosen as guarantors  that the Torah would be treasured for generations to come!

Thank you for a wonderful year!