What’s in my Child’s Backpack? End of the Year :(

What a wonderful year! 

Here are some things you can expect your child to bring home:

  • Their completed Milon or dictionary that they worked so hard on all year.  Please encourage your child to look through this special project later on in the summer so they can review the Alef Bet.
  • The picture frame your child decorated at the Alef Bet party.
  • An Alef Bet lotto game to play during the summer.
  • An Alef Bet chart to hang next to your child’s bed so they can review the letters daily during the summer.  (Are you noticing a theme here? :P)

You may have also noticed that during the past few days your child has been bringing home some rather interesting projects.  That is because we were blessed with time to spend having fun with Maker’s Space.   Maker’s Space is when you simply allow children to create without giving them too many specifics but providing them with plenty of fun supplies and materials to work with.

I will forever be amazed at how well this works.  In all honesty, I was expecting noise, chaos, and a huge mess.  But that’s not what happened.  Children worked quietly, seriously discussing ideas with their friends, asking for help, or giving advice.  Clean up was quick and easy.  My favorite part was when some children sat in a circle on the floor and showed their friends what they made.


Choosing supplies

Busy, busy

Discussing their work

Some parents asked for ideas for review during the summer.  There are several Alef Bet game apps out there with more being added daily.  I have not had a chance to review all of the new ones yet, so I will just make these two recommendations for now.



If you feel your child would benefit from extra practice during the summer, (I will indicate whether this is necessary in the report card) you may wish to purchase a set of flashcards.  I recommend this set:


Last but not least, here is the video we watched at the Alef Bet party: