What’s in My Child’s Backpack? Last day of School :(

Our last week of school was spent learning all about Shavuot.  Today, as a special treat for Shavuot, we had blintzes and ice cream to remember that just as the milk nourishes our bodies, the Torah nourishes our souls.





In class we discussed that the children are the heroes of this special holiday as they were the only ones Hashem would accept as guarantors for His precious Torah.  We read the Ten Commandments in synagouges across the world on Shavuot, and its always very special if our little guarantors can be there.  This year, the first day of Shavuot is Sunday, June 12.  Below is a link to a video with a sweet comercial about this practice.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jh0M17_DMQ” width=”200″ height=”200″ responsive=”no” rel=”no” https=”yes”]

Yesterday, we celebrated those children who have birthdays during the summer, with our customary birthday celebration times five!


Now, for what’s coming home today:

  • Your child’s milon, the Hebrew dictionary they worked on all year!  Please take the time during the summer to review this as will help that the Aleph Bet is not forgotten.
  • An Aleph Bet game your child can play to help remember the letters.
  • The frame your child made at the Aleph Bet party, with a special picture.
  • A gift to help remember this wonderful year we spent together.

Summer is a wonderful time to have fun and relax, but after working so hard to learn the Aleph Bet, it would be a shame if it was not retained.  (Are you starting to detect a trend in this post? 🙂 )  So I am sharing some links to IPad games that can be purchased to help keep your child familiar with all they learned.

The Aleph Bet Schoolhouse

The Aleph Bet App

Alef Bet App for ios

Thanks for a fabulous year, and have a great summer!