What’s in my Child’s Backpack? Purim!

First of all, check out these pictures from our parade around the school.  We reenacted the scene from the Purim story, when Mordechai is paraded around the school, uh Shushan, on the king’s horse and everyone cheers!

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Here is what your child is bringing home today:

  • A “writer’s workshop” style megilah made by your child.  The megillah is encased in a beautifully decorated holder, uh paper towel roll, so you might miss it at first.  Look inside, it is there.
  • A set of Purim puppets so your child can retell the story.
  • Two hamantashen made by your child.

What your child is NOT bringing home today are these:


We prepared Mishloach Manot treasure boxes to give to our fifth grade buddies tomorrow.  Since this will not be coming home, here is a sneak peak of the treats we packed inside:


Don’t worry, your child will not be left empty handed.  The fifth graders are preparing Mishloach Manot to share with their kindergarten buddies.

Happy Purim!

Morah Rochel