What’s in my Child’s Backpack? Rosh Hashana!

If you are anything like me, backpacks and holidays don’t always mix.  Many times I won’t get around to checking my child’s backpack until five minutes before school starts the day AFTER the holiday.  🙈 

I always love when a teacher gives me a warning that there might actually be something that is either edible, or very relevant to the holiday in the black hole that is my child’s backpack.

So with that in mind, here is what your child will very proudly be bringing home:

  • A Rosh Hashana placemat depicting some of the special foods eaten on Rosh Hashana.  Ask them to share the significance of these items.  I know they’d love to share!
  • 2 mini round Rosh Hashana challot.   The children had the choice of whether they wanted to add raisins or not.  
  • A something special for YOU! אבא and אמא, or Mom and Dad.
  • A Rosh Hashana treat the children made at assembly. 

    Just a hint… the surprise your child is bringing home for YOU!