What’s in my Child’s Backpack? Rosh Hashanah!

Today was sharing day in Ms. Otte’s room.  Well I had something special to share with the students.  I shared the Shana Tova cards you made for them on curriculum night!

The children LOVED it.  One even said he was crying from happiness. 🙂










So here is what you can expect to find in your children’s backpack today:

  • A place mat depicting four of the special foods we eat on Rosh Hashana.  Ask your child why we have these special foods on our table.
  • Two mini round challot for your Rosh Hashanah meal.
  • The Shana Tova card you made for your child.
  • Something your child made for YOU!

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and sweet New Year full of learning and growing!

Shana Tova!!