William and Mary

Hello parents,

 We have officially embarked upon the last ELA curriculum in third grade. William and Mary is a special language arts unit that has many activities to help understand the concept of change. Change is all around us. Third graders will recognize our lives are filled with change- both positive and negative. We will have discussions, writing, listening activities, vocabulary study, and research based on readings. We will read poems, short stories, speeches, and essays. The whole class will also read a chapter book called The Green Book, a science fiction book about a girl who must evacuate the planet Earth and her discovery of a new planet. Each child will get their own copy of the book so they can take it home, too. We will culminate the unit by writing a research paper- about their own lives! I’ll send more information as we get nearer to this project. 

Write Traits is completed! We have finished the entire book and it was sent home on Friday. I do NOT need it to be returned. It’s yours to keep….or burn, as some of the kids suggested!?!? I swear most of them love Write Traits, but wanted to destroy the book!

Vocabulary mid year tests will be coming home today. Take a look at how your child did with the challenging words. 

Report cards will be going home at the end of March with detailed information about your child’s progress. As always, please be in touch if you have any pressing questions.

Stay warm and dry today! Put the kids to be early tonight….lots of yawning all day!