Winding down

Can you believe we’re only down to  22 more school days?! With the end of the year approaching, please keep in mind your child will be taking final third grade assessments. Today, they took the STAR reading test, which is done completely on the computer. We will be doing CTP4 test prep next week along with some practice tests. It’s always helpful for the kids to know exactly what to expect beforehand so that when the real test is presented during the week of Mar 14th, they’ll feel comfortable and confident. 

On a more enjoyable note, we released our butterflies yesterday in the butterfly garden! It was a great learning experience for the kids to see the caterpillars arrive, eat, grow, form their cocoons and finally emerge as butterflies. They learned about habitats, meconium (a pinkish-red waste product left over from metamorphosis), adaptations, and most of all- had fun! 

Today, in honor of the 30th anniversary of CJDS, the kids each got to design a t-shirt of their own. Some kids got 30 signatures, some drew 30 Jewish stars, 30 hearts, and many more creative ideas. Please remind your child to wear this shirt to school on Thursday for Lag B’omer! We will be traveling by bus to the YMCA to engage in exciting team building activities, archery, gaga ball and a campfire. 

Enjoy the beautiful, sunny weather this week!