Winter Break is here!

Hello Everyone!!

 I hope you’re having a wonderful Hannukah Holiday! We’ve been doing a lot of fun Hannukah related activities and reading a lot of Hannukah Books. The children love this holiday and really get into the assemblies. I hope you’ve been enjoying the Instagram page as well. I try to post on there as often as possible so you can get a quick snapshot of something we are doing each day. If you haven’t visited the page yet, please sign up for Instagram and search (Ms.Jadyn). You should be able to find my teacher page. 🙂

In reading we’ve been learning about Author’s Purpose and learning how to analyze the information in a story in order to determine purpose of the story. The children have gotten really good at this. In writing we are continuing to focus on organization and word choice. The children seem to have a great vocabulary naturally so I am trying to encourage them to use those same words in their writing as opposed to sticking with the same words over and over again.

In Social Studies we are learning more and more about “times long ago”. The children LOVE the bulletin board with all of the “old” pictures of their family members on it. It’s a really neat bulletin board. I plan to keep it up for a while so feel free to stop by at take a peek at it one morning or afternoon. 🙂