Young Inventors of CJDS!

The entire third grade participated in the Young Inventors Symposium this Thursday and everyone did an incredible job! I’m so proud of the hard work, dedication and creativity  children harnessed CIMG1708 (640x480) CIMG1709 (640x480) CIMG1711 (480x640) CIMG1715 (480x640) CIMG1716 (480x640) CIMG1717 (640x480) CIMG1721 (480x640) CIMG1722 (480x640) CIMG1724 (640x480) CIMG1725 (480x640) CIMG1726 (480x640) CIMG1727 (640x480) CIMG1729 (480x640) CIMG1730 (480x640) CIMG1732 (480x640) CIMG1733 (640x480) CIMG1734 (480x640) CIMG1735 (480x640) CIMG1737 (640x480) CIMG1739 (640x480) CIMG1741 (640x480) CIMG1742 (480x640) CIMG1743 (640x480) CIMG1744 (640x480) CIMG1745 (480x640) to create these projects. Although none of the third graders ‘won’ the awards, they all should be commended for their work! It was a wonderful learning experience for all!