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Mushka Vorst

mushka web 8.17.23


Bait Chana Teaching Seminary

6th Grade, 7th Grade, 5th Grade Judaica

Mushka is a member of the CJDS class of 2014, and a third-generation staff member of her alma matter. After graduating CJDS, she attended middle and high school in Oak Park, Michigan. Chaya Mushka High School prides itself on offering opportunities for its students to train for careers in Jewish education, and Mushka took full advantage, working at the Friendship Cricle, teaching Hebrew school and studying Torah with adults. Mushka spent the past the six summers working as a counselor at Camp Gan Izzy of Ballantyne. Last year, she attended Bait Chana Teaching Seminary in Tzfat Israel. Mushka is thrilled to be back at CJDS. She credits Mr. D for teaching her what she knows about classroom management. Mushka and Ms. Jadyn are excitedly planning to recreate their twin day of 2012 costume eleven years later in 2023. Stay tuned!