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Rochel Vorst

Rochel Vorst


Yad Rama Teacher’s Seminary

Kindergarten Judaica

I am known to the students as Morah Rochel. I have been a kindergarten Judaica teacher for about ten years, with a short break to teach second grade in a Jewish day school in Amsterdam. I find it a privilege to guide the younger students on their journey to learn to read Hebrew. I love watching their wonder when they find the letters they know in the Torah.

I am married to Menachem Vorst, who is also known as the Kosher Police. We have been blessed with six children who are either current or future CJDS students. I am also proud to be the author of The Sukka That I Built, a children’s picture book about the holiday of Sukkot, and more recently, Time to Start a Brand New Year about Rosh Hashana.